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First Published Book!
First Published Book!

First Published Book!

Join the space adventure of your life with Origin Andromeda: The Beginning.

Origin Andromeda is the story of Henrik Harlacker, a normal, suburban man who lives with his beloved wife Joanna. His life is turned upside-down one morning when a strange present appears on his desk. Touching it, he has a vision of a distant world, and from there he and his good friend Bjorn are catapulted into an intergalactic battle between the forces of good and those of greed and malice.

Though he never felt as if he fully belonged in his society, Henrik had no idea that he was, in actuality, from Zuood, a planet many millions of light-years away. Having been sent to earth for his safety, he had no memory of his earlier life. Bjorn slowly lets Henrik into the reality of Zuood’s situation and the danger in which he now finds himself.

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Take a sneak peak into the first few chapters of the book, begin your adventure today!

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