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Future Science Fiction Publishing
About us

About us

We are a newly founded independent book publishing company.

Founded by Christoffer Vuolo Junros in 2022.

I founded this book publishing company primarily in order to have complete control over the publication of my own books, to do things the way I believe they should be done. My logic goes as follows: If I do it myself, it will be done correctly.

Having previously launched two businesses on my own, it felt natural to launch my own book publishing company. I am confident in the development of FSFP.

I aim to develop FSFP at a pace that allows me, authors, and readers to explore the universe’s hidden secrets together. Experience science fiction stories of the future and be inspired by cutting-edge technology. The key to the future is in one’s imagination.


Unfortunately, we are not accepting submissions at the moment, this might change in the future.